Lyft better than San Francisco’s Taxis?


Pink fluffy Mustaches Everywhere! If you're a regular pedestrian on the streets of San Francisco you can't help but notice more than 300 cars proudly brandishing bright fluffy pink mustaches announcing their ride sharing status for the 18 month old company Lyft.    The trending popularity and … [Read more...]

Open pit unearthed at 222 Second Street

Open pit unearthed at 222 Second Street

Slightly hidden from view by translucent printed fence screens,  open pits are being unearthed throughout many districts of San Francisco.  These pits will contain the foundation work and parking areas for many of the future new structures and high rises.  A relatively small cone of mud, sand and … [Read more...]

A Christmas Sunset at Moraga Steps

Morago Steps

In 2005 the 16th Ave Tiled Steps  organization completed an intricate tile mural work that spanned all of the 163 steps that comprises the Moraga Steps.   Since then many locals and news sources have called the Moraga Steps a "hidden gem" of San Francisco and lauded it's unique and visually … [Read more...]

Bike Share Test Drive Review

Bike Share line formations are popping up everywhere in the city

It's hard not to notice the Bay Area Bike Sharing invasion throughout downtown and surrounding districts.  The sea foam colored bikes can be seen in their formations at each station and also gliding about throughout the city's many bike friendly thoroughfares.  We at SFHog decided to take one of … [Read more...]

Glass cladding being added to 535 Mission

Front sharp glassy edges

Daily commuting pedestrians that walk past 535 mission have seen in recent weeks a curtain of glass cladding being slowly hung on the base of 535 Mission.  Boston Properties is moving quickly on the relatively compact 27 story building as most of its steel bones have been erected.    Despite being … [Read more...]

Bright Lights Small City


They come by foot and they come by car.  Many locals make the yearly pilgrimage to Treeside Court in South San Francisco to experience the Christmas light bonanza.  Onlookers in their cars parade slowly through the streets stopping at the most ambitious homes while those on foot meander slowly … [Read more...]