Transbay Terminal Going Vertical


The new Transbay Terminal site is currently a quarter mile trench of bustling activity located just south of San Francisco's downtown and financial district.  After 3 1/2 years of demolition and excavation, a large quarter mile trench currently occupies the site of the former Transbay Terminal. … [Read more...]

A Wonky Royal Dining Experience


British cuisine gets a bad rap for being a boring mix of bland fish, meats and potatoes.  Quite the contrary, the cuisine can be quite delectable, provided that fresh and properly selected ingredients are used in its preparation.  Unaware of many local restaurants celebrating this style of food, we … [Read more...]

Something’s Fishy At 8 Octavia Street


Vertical fin-like sunshades are currently being installed on 8 Octavia's exterior walls as builders DM Development and DDG are wrapping up development of the 8 story residential complex.  Designed by Stanley Saitowitz, the aluminum aquamarine colored slats are being installed in groups for each of … [Read more...]

1100 Ocean Avenue Taking Shape


The 1100 Ocean Avenue address in San Francisco was born from reclaimed land brought on by Muni's Phelan Loop relocation.  The relocation initiative was connected to a grander plan adopted in 2009 called the Balboa Park Station Area Plan under which San Francisco Planning sought to better integrate … [Read more...]

Transbay Tower Teaser Spotted


There is a continuous hotbed of activity on the Transbay Tower site, as construction crews continue excavation preparation activities for the future 1,070 foot tall building.  Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, the tower will feature a glassy facade lined with a lattice work of silvery LEED … [Read more...]

SoMa Plan Has Cars In The Crosshairs


Drivers traveling through central SoMa - beware.  There is a bounty on your heads for all those pedestrian kills.  Not to mention you slow down Muni and pollute the air.  Powered by the Central SoMa Plan, the SF Planning department wants to thin down the herd.  Say goodbye to wide streets and fast … [Read more...]

The Western SoMa Development Report


Much like many parts of the city, the west end of SoMa is going through a development renaissance.   A recent area tour revealed once blighted sections transformed into blocks blooming with construction activity.  Highlighted below are the six most notable development hotspots in that area. 870 … [Read more...]

Grooving With The Fishes


There is dark ambient lighting, wispy sea nettle jellyfish, glowing fluorescent coral reefs, and sounds of down-tempo electronic music.  No, you are not on a psychedelic trip.  You are in the underground aquarium at the California Academy's Nightlife event.  Every Thursday from 6 pm to 10 pm the … [Read more...]