181 Fremont Going Vertical


For these neck of the woods where height limits control the growth of most new buildings, an 802 foot tall building is an impactful structure.  With its final floor rising to 700 feet and its spire penetrating the sky an additional 102 feet, 181 Fremont will join an exclusive club of new 800 plus … [Read more...]

Cranespotting on Bluxome Street


We recently picked a warm clear day to walk the streets of South of Market (SoMa).  With the exception of a few wispy clouds and the glaring white orb of the sun, the sky above SoMa was bathed in multiple hues of electric blue.  As we headed south on 4th Street towards the 4th and King Street … [Read more...]

A New Hunk Has Risen


What seemed like divine intervention, the morning rains ceased and clouds parted just in time for the 2015 Hunky Jesus competition.  Spectators watched as a motley set of enthusiastic contestants playfully presented themselves and humorously interacted with the competition's hosts.  The contest, … [Read more...]