In Pictures: Andy Goldsworthy’s Spire


A towering totem of nature's strength, a symbol of humanity's constant meddling in the natural world, or an unsightly horn protruding out of the Presidio grounds.  Andy Goldsworthy's Spire invokes many interpretations depending on your knowledge, experience, and ultimately perspective.  Built out of … [Read more...]

Christmas Night Lights At Treeside Court


"Oooooooh, aaaaaah", my family and I would harmonize our voices as we passed by exceptionally decorated and brightly lit homes.  The drives were a family tradition during my childhood.  Pick a night during the Christmas season and take the family car around the town.  Our goal was to enjoy (and … [Read more...]

City Of Broken Glass


Sparkles of light pierced through the glare of the late afternoon sun as it descended onto Twin Peaks.  I had been walking westerly on uninhabited patch of Townsend Street near the Caltrain rail yard when my gaze turned down at the pavement.  Piles of emerald colored glass nuggets lay before me … [Read more...]