It’s Been Real Solaire


I'll have to admit, I've warmed up to you Solaire.  When they released your architectural renderings during the planning phases, I wasn't enthralled with your rectangular profile and busy windowed facade.  But please don't feel bad.  There was nothing wrong with your straight and orderly stature, … [Read more...]

An Uninvited Guest


"We are the champions - my friends.  And we'll keep on fighting, Till the end ...", Freddie Mercury's singing adds to my high spirits.  Coming out of my Saturday morning gym workout, there's definitely a spring in my step.  I head up Green from Polk Street.  The ascent up Nob Hill, a usually arduous … [Read more...]

Another Parking Lot Bites The Dust


Let me pose a question to you, the reader.  Can you name the city neighborhood once known for its grittiness, industrial buildings, and parking lots?  A place where the rich, poor, homeless, and few in the in-between call home.  A place for artists, techies, and ... drag queens?  I'll give you a … [Read more...]