Photo Essay: Transbay And Rincon Hill


The emerging Transbay and Rincon Hill neighborhoods offer considerable eye candy for those with a penchant for civil engineering.  Many of the towers materializing in the area have yet to be fully cladded but offer glimpses to their internal frames and supportive cores.  The dynamic area also has … [Read more...]

A White Mulberry’s Final Farewell


I was young, perhaps 10, when my preadolescent eyes witnessed a horror.  In the late winter my father had aggressively pruned three Flowering Peach trees in our front yard.  One fleeting week each Spring, the trees would bloom in lurid colors of flamingo and hot pink.  But not that year.  The trees' … [Read more...]

In Pictures: What Makes You Happy?


What makes you happy?  Through the journey of life, many forget the answer.  Such a simple question as a child, turns more complicated in adulthood.  Many think they know the answer and have scrawled their responses on the "What Makes You Happy?" chalkboard along Chestnut Street in North … [Read more...]