A Reverie Of Colors In A Dull Alleyway


One morning I was running late for work and unintentionally got off one station before my normal stop.  As the 1-California trolleybus whined away, I began to jog and turned into an alleyway, figuring it would be a shorter route to the office.  The narrow street was covered in a film of black grime … [Read more...]

The Peregrines Of Devil’s Slide Trail


"What are you guys photographing?", I called out to a woman and man standing next to their tripod mounted cameras.  They were positioned near the fenced edge of a precipice which led to the rocky shore below.  "We're taking pictures of peregrines.", shouted the man.  His companion quickly rebuked, … [Read more...]

An Engaging Flamenco Performance


Rivulets of sweat poured down the dancer's expressive aquiline face while his slender legs stomped a staccato of percussive sounds.  His cadence matched rhythmic beats of singing, chanting, clapping, and guitar playing from a background ensemble.  As his stomping intensified, the audience became … [Read more...]