A Reverie Of Colors In A Dull Alleyway


One morning I was running late for work and unintentionally got off one station before my normal stop.  As the 1-California trolleybus whined away, I began to jog and turned into an alleyway, figuring it would be a shorter route to the office.  The narrow street was covered in a film of black grime … [Read more...]

The Peregrines Of Devil’s Slide Trail


"What are you guys photographing?", I called out to a woman and man standing next to their tripod mounted cameras.  They were positioned near the fenced edge of a precipice which led to the rocky shore below.  "We're taking pictures of peregrines.", shouted the man.  His companion quickly rebuked, … [Read more...]

An Engaging Flamenco Performance


Rivulets of sweat poured down the dancer's expressive aquiline face while his slender legs stomped a staccato of percussive sounds.  His cadence matched rhythmic beats of singing, chanting, clapping, and guitar playing from a background ensemble.  As his stomping intensified, the audience became … [Read more...]

Photo Essay: Transbay And Rincon Hill


The emerging Transbay and Rincon Hill neighborhoods offer considerable eye candy for those with a penchant for civil engineering.  Many of the towers materializing in the area have yet to be fully cladded but offer glimpses to their internal frames and supportive cores.  The dynamic area also has … [Read more...]