A Reverie Of Colors In A Dull Alleyway

One morning I was running late for work and unintentionally got off one station before my normal stop.  As the 1-California trolleybus whined away, I began to jog and turned into an alleyway, figuring it would be a shorter route to the office.  The narrow street was covered in a film of black grime and flanked on either side by gray weathered walls of old buildings.  Towers of the Financial District loomed in the background and overcast skies radiated a gloomy glare that accentuated the already drab street.  As I raced towards the end of the alley, my eyes squinted and steps halted by a bright prismatic mural gleaming on the wall next to me.  I was drawn into the artwork’s psychedelic colors and photorealistic portrait of a pensive woman.  The maiden was crowned with blooming roses and immersed in a world of geometric shapes and prismatic colors.  After a short yet unknown amount of time, I snapped out of my reverie, remembered where I was going, and continued my quick pace to work.


Boheme by Hueman

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