An Engaging Flamenco Performance


Rivulets of sweat poured down the dancer's expressive aquiline face while his slender legs stomped a staccato of percussive sounds.  His cadence matched rhythmic beats of singing, chanting, clapping, and guitar playing from a background ensemble.  As his stomping intensified, the audience became … [Read more...]

Eat Drink SF: A Playground For Foodies

Eat Drink SF tony gimignano pizza

There the gutted lamb laid.  Its succulent meat glistening under the heat lamps.  A man behind the counter, armed with a chef knife, began to hack at the roasted carcass.  Not content with his progress, he switched to a serrated knife and begun sawing.  After a couple of moments with the man and his … [Read more...]

Getting Kinky At Up Your Alley


Western SoMa streets were alive with erotic activity last Sunday for the 30th anniversary of Up Your Alley.  Attendees, many of them clad in leather fetish clothing, were given opportunities to partake in spankings, public floggings, erotic games, and dancing to the tune of live DJs.  The event … [Read more...]