Oro Stands Out From Californian Fare Crowd


"Excuse me", I called out to our waiter and tried to make eye contact as he strode by.  "Yes", he curtly replied and skittered towards our table.  "Can these sausages be grilled for a couple more minutes?"  I asked while directing his attention to a sausage link I was butterflying with my knife. … [Read more...]

Making Sense Of The Cruffin Madness


I glanced down at my phone. The screen displayed 8:55 am. The ache in my back grew more acute and the pressure in my legs increased from the persistent standing.  When I arrived an hour and 10 minutes prior, I was sixth in line.  Now, the line behind me was at least 60 people strong and extended to … [Read more...]

Tipless Sous Beurre Kitchen Shows Potential


With the Sous Beurre Kitchen popup under his belt, chef Michael Mauschbaugh has recently entered the culinary big leagues with a space to call his own in the Mission.  Opened in early February, the restaurant is offering southern French cuisine in either prix fixe or à la carte menu format.  Michael … [Read more...]