Photo Essay: Transbay And Rincon Hill


The emerging Transbay and Rincon Hill neighborhoods offer considerable eye candy for those with a penchant for civil engineering.  Many of the towers materializing in the area have yet to be fully cladded but offer glimpses to their internal frames and supportive cores.  The dynamic area also has … [Read more...]

It’s Been Real Solaire


I'll have to admit, I've warmed up to you Solaire.  When they released your architectural renderings during the planning phases, I wasn't enthralled with your rectangular profile and busy windowed facade.  But please don't feel bad.  There was nothing wrong with your straight and orderly stature, … [Read more...]

Salesforce Tower Poised To Rise


These days a 1,070 foot high building is unremarkable when considering that New York's One World Trade Center rises to 1,792 feet, China's Shanghai Tower crests at 2,073 feet, and Burj Khalifa in Dubai pierces the sky at 2,717 feet above earth.  However, in a city where a majority of … [Read more...]

181 Fremont Going Vertical


For these neck of the woods where height limits control the growth of most new buildings, an 802 foot tall building is an impactful structure.  With its final floor rising to 700 feet and its spire penetrating the sky an additional 102 feet, 181 Fremont will join an exclusive club of new 800 plus … [Read more...]