Free Yoga On The Sands Of Ocean Beach

And then it came.  A gentle cool wind pushed onshore and broke the placid warm air that hovered over the hot sands of Ocean Beach.  A half hour prior, as temperatures were charging upward past 90°F, an outdoor yoga class had commenced on the same shores under the direction of Yoga Teacher Tony Eason.  While Tony was guiding his students in a series of postures, the sudden breeze enveloped his class with cool therapeutic air and amplified the meditative sounds of the breakers crashing nearby.  The oceanfront setting brought an interesting juxtaposition to the experience, where the fresh air and sunshine brought increased vigor and vitality to the yoga postures but presented concentration challenges instigated by unsteady sand, curious noisy beach goers, and variable weather.

Tony, a trained Iyengar yoga teacher, organizes the Ocean Beach yoga class annually free of charge to anyone interested in attending.  For more information on his classes and other events visit his site.


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