Yoga Teacher Tony Eason Brings Yoga To Ocean Beach

With a rising sun overhead and ocean nearby, teacher Tony and at least 50 students began a free yoga class on the sands of Ocean Beach last Sunday morning.  The cool sea breeze, crashing waves, and sunny agreeable weather brought an invigorating dimension to the yoga experience.  The venue also added interesting challenges as some poses were more difficult to maintain in the sand and wandering nearby beachgoers tested focus and concentration.  The Ocean Beach class is the third of four outdoor classes designed by Tony to help strengthen and maintain focus against distractions and external forces.

Besides holding these outdoor sessions, Tony maintains classes at Yoga Tree and Active Sports Club and participates in a variety of activities including cycling and marathon running.  With his deep knowledge in Iyengar Yoga, spirited and positive personality, and sincere caring for his student’s needs, Tony adds a spiritual and educational depth not found in many other yoga classes.

For a schedule of upcoming classes check out his website.


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