The Peregrines Of Devil’s Slide Trail

“What are you guys photographing?”, I called out to a woman and man standing next to their tripod mounted cameras.  They were positioned near the fenced edge of a precipice which led to the rocky shore below.  “We’re taking pictures of peregrines.”, shouted the man.  His companion quickly rebuked, “Shhhh!  You all need to be quiet.  I’m taking a video.”  My eyes followed her camera’s long-focus lens to a towering rock face, dotted with crevices and lined with cracks, at least 70 meters away.  She observed my curiosity and immediately softened her tone, “Come take a look into my camera.  They’re nesting inside that triangular shaped hole.”  Peering into the camera’s view-sight, I recognized the onyx gem-like eyes and mottled feathers of peregrines.  A nest of young peregrine falcons were crying out for their mother as she hunted for food.  “I can email you some pics if you want.”, the woman said.  “Sure.”, I responded and typed my email address in her phone before continuing my trek on Devil’s Slide Trail.

The peregrine falcon, once endangered due to pesticides, is an impressive creature and the fastest animal in the world with a recorded maximum speed dive of 242 mph.

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