Welcome To Salesforce Country


With over 4,000 employees in San Francisco, Salesforce has become a dominant economic force within the city.  In the last several years, their seemingly endless office space appetite has gobbled up commercial building floors throughout the city's Financial, Downtown and SoMa districts. Currently, … [Read more...]

Salesforce Lays Claim To Transbay Tower


Sorry Google but Salesforce has laid claim to the Transbay Tower.  Salesforce banners fly high over the Transbay Tower construction site as the company announces plans to become the anchor tenant for the new tower.  SFGate is reporting the company will lease half of the Transbay tower from Boston … [Read more...]

Chic lobby at 680 Folsom


The re-skinning of 680 Folsom may not be as impressive as the new buildings emerging nearby,  however,  Boston Properties has made the most of this facelift endeavor.  The original building that housed the offices of SBC Communications was recently undressed and its 60's era precast concrete facade … [Read more...]