Louisiana Creole Meets California Cuisine At Wanda’s Brunch Popup

Airy french toast with a side of persimmon butter, a plate of white corn grits topped with shrimp and “holy trinity” gravy, and crispy orange glazed quail lying on a base of couscous, brussel sprouts, and yellow beets.  These were the dishes presented to us at Wanda’s brunch popup on a recent cold and rainy Sunday in December.  Fusing the richness and heartiness of Louisiana Creole cuisine with the ingredient quality and lightness of California cooking, chef Wanda delivered the best from both culinary worlds.  The light healthy meals, cordial warm ambiance, and a desire to please by both Wanda and her staff will bring us back for her next act.

The popup event was held in a space usually occupied by cafe Bonjour Patisserie in San Francisco’s Design District.

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